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SmartHR Latvia
What it is? And what is it not?
SmartHR is a movement; it is a set of measures and a meeting place for like-minded HR professionals to learn about innovations and possibilities, to get new contacts, and share experiences in developing thoughtful human capital management process. SMART HR focuses on innovation in human resources, human capital management trends, technology development and growth.
What are the functions of the WEBSITE?
The first and main intention of the website is to provide its visitors with useful up-to-date information and trends on topical issues, opportunities and processes related to the staff and its development.

The second homepage feature is to provide visitors with contacts and access to experts, professionals and companies that can advise and assist on relevant issues with already existent recommendations or solutions.

The third purpose of the website is to provide visitors with the opportunity to suggest burning [seminar] topics, to learn about the planned workshops, their content, and apply for them.
What is the OPEN LIBRARY?
FOR VISITORS AND RETURNING VISITORS. This is the place to regularly find out about topical issues in the industry. Original materials from local experts and opinion leaders, SmartHR partners and experts, as well as articles translated into Latvian on research, innovations and topicalities from leading global HR speakers, are published in the library.

FOR PARTNERS AND EXPERTS. It is a place to share knowledge and experience, to inform about the opportunities and the relevance of the solutions available, to publish research and surveys focused specifically on HR industry professionals and managers. It is a marketing channel to promote the visibility of your business or personal image as an expert on specific issues. Helping potential clients understanding the situation and solving topical HR problems.
What can you gain from SEMINARS?
SmartHR organize regular seminars and workshops throughout the year, at least once a month. In the series of seminars, visitors will have the opportunity to learn about the trends, topical issues and tools related to personnel management throughout the lifecycle of the employee - from talent acquisition and selection to termination of employment.

FOR VISITORS. This is a place to regularly learn about the topical issues of the industry in Latvia and in the world. They have the opportunity to get acquainted with the latest solutions from home developers, learn about their uses and benefits. Likewise, visitors have the opportunity to hear the experience of business representatives who already use certain tools or products and can share knowledge, how to put it into practice and use it. It is an opportunity to get in face-to-face contact with represented or interested industry and exchange mutual knowledge and experience.

FOR PARTICIPANTS AND EXPERTS. It is a place to share knowledge and experience, to inform about the possibilities of personnel management solutions and the relevance of available solutions, to tell about research, to communicate directly with the personnel management field specialists and managers of the audience. This is a way of presenting the value of your company, the relevance of products / services, while promoting the visibility of your business or personal image as an expert on specific issues.
How WORKSHOPS are different from seminars?
After the seminars, expert workshops are organized as the second part of the event. They cover the most important issues of personnel management, in which it is possible to gain practical knowledge of technological solutions, innovations and the latest methods in personnel management.

FOR VISITORS. This is a place for discussing the specificity of certain processes or solutions in a small group, discussing the process of introducing new technical solutions in companies, look at, check out and scrutinize the functionality and capabilities of different services and solutions, as well as gain and share knowledge with other industry representatives and experts.

FOR PARTICIPANTS AND EXPERTS. It is a place to share knowledge and experience, informing about the possibilities of personnel management solutions and the relevance of available solutions. It is a place to demonstrate in practices the operating principles, functionality and capabilities of certain services or products. It is a place to communicate with representatives of different companies in a narrower group, gaining an in-depth insight into the topicality of the product in Latvia.
Who are EXPERTS?
Within the framework of the project, "experts" are representatives of companies, HR specialists, management professionals and industry leaders who want to share their knowledge and experience by participating in seminars, providing them with content to the SMART HR open library or by taking part of the expert workshops, giving visitors the opportunity to learn and gain both knowledge and practical experience.
What part in the project take PARTNERS?
Partners within SMART HR are companies or service providers that support SMART HR movement by taking financial participation in its development, and/or by providing functional support to SMART HR's operations and growth.
goal, mission, vision and values
The goal of SmartHR is to create an open environment for communication and ideas where knowledge is acquired, experience is exchanged, and creative ideas are promoted in the field of human and labour resource management.

The mission of SmartHR is to motivate the development of human and labor resource management in Latvia by promoting open communication, knowledge and information accessibility, as well as exchange of experience between companies and industry experts.

The vision of SmartHR is an environment in which business representatives, human and labour resource industry professionals and experts freely share experience, helping each other with knowledge and support, thereby promoting overall business development in Latvia.

We are for openness and free access to knowledge, technological development, innovation and growth.
And what is not SmartHR?
SmartHR is not a place to post ads, promotions or discounts to your or your company's products and services.

SmartHR is not a place and tool to compare your or company's products and services with competitors in a way that makes other products less worth while simultaneously presenting your product as the only right solution.

SmartHR is not a place and way to publish brochures or materials for pricing policies and package booklets for your products or services.

SmartHR is not a place and tool for direct sale of products and services, nor is it an online store or product catalogue.

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