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SmartHR Latvia
What it is? And what is it not?
SmartHR is a movement; it is a set of measures and a meeting place for like-minded HR professionals to learn about innovations and possibilities, to get new contacts, and share experiences in developing thoughtful human capital management process. SMART HR focuses on innovation in human resources, human capital management trends, technology development and growth.
goal, mission, vision and values
The goal of SmartHR is to create an open environment for communication and ideas where knowledge is acquired, experience is exchanged, and creative ideas are promoted in the field of human and labour resource management.

The mission of SmartHR is to motivate the development of human and labor resource management in Latvia by promoting open communication, knowledge and information accessibility, as well as exchange of experience between companies and industry experts.

The vision of SmartHR is an environment in which business representatives, human and labour resource industry professionals and experts freely share experience, helping each other with knowledge and support, thereby promoting overall business development in Latvia.

We are for openness and free access to knowledge, technological development, innovation and growth.
And what is not SmartHR?
SmartHR is not a place to post ads, promotions or discounts to your or your company's products and services.

SmartHR is not a place and tool to compare your or company's products and services with competitors in a way that makes other products less worth while simultaneously presenting your product as the only right solution.

SmartHR is not a place and way to publish brochures or materials for pricing policies and package booklets for your products or services.

SmartHR is not a place and tool for direct sale of products and services, nor is it an online store or product catalogue.

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"Par inovācijām, tehnoloģijām un attīstību"