The collaborative hiring software that builds winning teams
Bring your hiring teams together, boost your sourcing, automate your hiring, and evaluate candidates effectively.
Why hire collaboratively?
Working with your teammates means you can hire better and faster while making long-lasting connections with top talent. That is why: Recruitee is optimized to help you hire as a team!
greater profitability when employees are engaged.

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of companies say their top-quality hires come from employee referrals.

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reduction in time-to-hire with more colleagues involved in the hiring process.

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Make hiring a team effort
All the tools you need to hire the best people while getting everyone involved
Reduce manual work by automating the recruitment process
Set up automated actions, create templates for recurring pipeline structures, add permissions and roles for your team, and save up to 64% of your time.
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Boost your sourcing power
Turn everyone into a recruiter with social sharing links, sourcing tools, and referrals. Use smart campaigns to post to multiple job boards at once.
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Organize your recruitment process
Send a Scheduler link for easy booking that works for everyone's schedule, removing calendar hassle.

Make it easy to bring your hiring team into the process with interview templates, notes and mentions.
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Get the offer signed before others take over your candidate
Top talents always have more options. Be faster with paperwork thanks to our e-signature integration.

Did you get more quality applicants? Keep them in a talent pool so you can stay in touch.
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Customize reports to meet your organization needs
Share progress with your team to find places for improvements. Be even more efficient by connecting to the rest of your tech stack for a seamless workflow.
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Boost your employer branding with our
Build your brand, share your vision, and promote your culture with our easy-to-use careers site editor.
No coding skills required!
Join 118,000 users around the world and make your hiring easier
We will do all the tedious tasks for you so you can focus on more important jobs.
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