10.10.2019. | RigaComm 2019 | SmartHR Conference

Agile 4 HR - trends, challenges, solutions | ITSM Delivery | Video

Taras Pasechnik | Co-Founder & COO | ITSM Delivery

Agile has changed the rules of the game of work by revealing creativity, diversity, self-organization. The concept of work has evolved placing people in the centre of this new system. Agile has never been a methodology nor a process, it's mindset, a culture. So far corporate culture always have been in hands of HR, so it's time to "hack" the old way of doing things. New generations are joining the job force and on top of traditional pay benefits they demand purpose, autonomy, mastery… what HR can do to provide this new standard of motivation?
CITI Video no 10.10.2019. | RIGACOMM 2019 | SMARTHR CONFERENCE