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Not so long ago, HR managers were like high school assistant principals―paper-pushers who kept the building running and tsk-tsked those who broke the rules. Now, these managers focus more on people than on paper and, like skilled teachers, they help both the strugglers and the stars. And in the future? Expect those in HR (if it's still called that) to be akin to championship coaches, guiding employees throughout their careers and becoming more essential than ever to business analytics and strategy.

The role of the HR professional has changed dramatically along with the workforce and economy, and that evolution will continue as machines and technology replace tasks once performed by humans. But that doesn't make people - or the HR teams that work with them - any less important. Tomorrow's HR leaders will need to be bigger, broader thinkers, and they'll have to be tech-savvy and nimble enough to deal with an increasingly agile and restless workforce.

Nowadays, the stock of the HR professional is rising, with some practitioners being asked to join the C-suite instead of just visiting it. Many organizations are ditching the title "HR manager" for monikers such as chief happiness officer, director of talent-attraction strategy and even head of optimistic people.

What are the future trends in smarter working and caring for your company's culture and development? What jobs can we expect in next years to come and what opportunities will the new age of technology bring in HR?

Trends, HR software intros, HR experience sharing, hot discusions and more - apply now "Future of HR 2020"!
Tuesday, June 18
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Introduction with Smart HR
Labour Market Future Trends and Scenarios in Estonia
Ilona Lott
Board Member at Estonian Human Resources Management Association
4 models: Talent Hub Tallinn? Global Village Vagabonds? New World of Work? Self-Reliant Estonia? What are the risks and possible solutions?
Changes in the way of working - where are we heading with gig economy, digital nomads, mobile / flexible working etc ?
Why do we see experienced specialists and leaders having hard time finding a job?
Where is the mismatch between competencies/ skills required and offered ? What can we do about it ? What is PARE (Estonian Association of People Development) focusing at ?
How do we help the companies to bridge the skill gap ?
Organisational Culture and Development
Anna Aarnisalo
People and Culture Director at Sympa HR
Solution-focused coach
The latest HR trends highlight organisational culture, but what does it mean in real life?

Your organisational culture is created in everyday life in actions and all dialogues throughout the whole work community. Organisational culture is formed by motivated employees who choose to contribute. Commitment inside the company brings also the most effective results. The latest trends show how employees are today choosing their jobs based strongly on the culture and employee experience as a whole. Organisational culture and its development has a clear impact in organisation´s success and effectiveness.

What can you as an employer and within human resources do to build a positive organisational culture and why should you do that? What can you help employees do, and most importantly: What will be the most important thing to do in the future?
"Our Iceberg is Melting" or What's the Impact of Global People Revolution on Latvian HR Space.
Daiga Ergle
AS 4finance Chief People Officer
For someone who was in HR 20 years ago, suddenly waking up in today's global reality would probably cause a heart attack. World is a totally different place, and so ought to be people management practices. Yet, change has never come easy for most people, until we face the brutal reality of the iceberg, indeed, melting (idioma borrowed from J. Kotter ).

I'll share my experience from working with people processes in 16 different countries at 4finance Group and how it feels when the future arrives already today.
11.10 - 11.25
Short Break
A Workplace Caring for My Health
Martin Macha
Partner of Mercer and responsible for Mercer Eastern European consulting business

Liga Aizupiete, MBA
Employee Health & Benefits Leader
53% of employees want their company to focus more on their health and wellness.
Meantime social processes and modern trends, like diverstity – mobility - flexibility, are bringing in health risks, which are challenging existing employer's designed health plans.

We will talk on new medical tendencies and risks impacting the world of work. As well as emerging future in employer sponsored wellbeing programs.
Measuring Learning Project Success
Sergey Snegirev
Co-founder of INTEA and BranchTrack
Sergey will share his model for measuring learning project success. Was our money well spent? What am I getting for the money I've paid? Your manager is probably asking you the same questions that we hear every day as learning vendors - and in the course of 10 years we've found some pretty good answers.
Future of Jobs
Anta Praņēviča
Member of the board/Survey team leader, Fontes Vadības Konsultācijas
How should work be organized and how can higher value be created? What will the future of jobs look like? These are questions that leaders globally are asking themselves.

In this session, using insights from WEF's Future of Jobs and Mercer's Global Talent Trends studies, we will explore the top trends in talent management, showing how to unlock employee potential in a time when people are at the heart of every organization.

We will look at skills and jobs that are going to disappear and increase in popularity, as well as talk about ideas that managers can use to future-proof their work environment and enable their companies and workers to thrive.

Technology is both replacing workers and enhancing their capabilities, and it is exactly this paradoxical synergy between the two that will shape the future of jobs.
12.25 - 12.45
Workation - Just a Temporary Trend or The Real Thing?
Jānis Dubinskis
Head of Business development at CakeHR
A vacation that combines business and leisure...

Is it okay to work while you are on vacation trip or should they be split apart? Is this a luxury that only small companies can afford or it can be successfully implemented in large organisations too?

Workation experience & opinions from those currently applying it as well as feedback & insights from CakeHR own recent workation trip.
Longer Break for Lunch
HR Tool Showdown
Juris Zalāns
Partner @ SmartHR Latvija
Few departments juggle as many duties or manage as much information as human resources. Technology makes the tasks of recruitment, payroll, even engagement, learning, health and performance evaluation more manageable and allows HR staff members to better engage with the company's employees.

In this showdown Juris Zalāns will discuss HR tech tools that businesses of any size can implement for a happier, better-organized workforce.
Discussing the Future
Forward-looking HR leaders are confidently harnessing the resources and insights that will redefine the traditional HR model and its contribution to the enterprise. They are following strategic plans and implementing new technologies such as analytics, digital labor and artificial intelligence. And they are pursuing the critical new skills needed to succeed in the digital age.

Which are the critical new skills? Which technologies will flourish?

Ilze Indrēvica
Group Leadership Development lead at Luminor, HR Podcast host
Ilona Lott
Board Member at Estonian Human Resources Management Association
Anna Aarnisalo
People and Culture Director at Sympa HR
Daiga Ergle
AS 4finance Chief People Officer
15.00 - 15.15
Short Break
15.15 - 15.35
Evolution of Employee Engagement - What's Ahead?
Nauris Vītols
Co-Owner of Benefits Latvija
Employee engagement may seem a relatively recent concept but actually it goes back almost 30 years when the term first appeared in an academic journal in 1990. During this time it has evolved into a complex part of HR proceses creating new positions and dedicated software solutions. What was the past and how our future may look in the new era of workforce engagement? What are the latest trends and "hot topics" to look for?
15.35 - 15.55
Eliminate Evaluative Bias to See Future Leaders
Gita Meldere
Lumina Learning Partner in Baltics
Leadership Behaviour & Team Performance Solution Designer & Coach
No matter how much we might not want to admit it, evaluative bias, when we value thing more than the other, clouds business decisions. Tipically, employees use stereotypical beliefs when intereacting with each other, extraversion is valued a bit more than introversion and emotional stability is highly prized and the opposite, being a bit emotive, is less so.

Identifying and minimising evaluative bias helps to enhance interpersonal relationships and leads to more effective organisations through better developed future leaders.
15.55 - 16.10
Short Break
16.10 - 16.30
Zalaris 2019 HR outlook & priorities
What are the essential trends shaping the HR agenda going forward? Should HR challenge the old status quo? What important actions should HR function take for 2019-2020 and beyond? Representing Zalaris, which is a trusted HR partner for numerous industry leading companies across Europe, I will be sharing our own experience as well as valuable insights from top researchers.
16.30 - 16.50
Every Time I Pass The Watercooler
Oļegs Ņikitins
Workplace Strategy Consultant
With emergence of holistic approach in design practices, we have seen quite a bit of business processes heavily disrupted. With human capital now at the center of attention, the human-first tactics have brought many companies to have a critical look at the office. Can the physical space be transformed into a key strategic asset in the employer's arsenal? And if so (and it very much is so), how can the full power of employee experience, employer branding and engaging symbolism be unleashed by the means of office space?

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